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Each year thousands of patients travel to Florida for specialized medical care that is either too costly or simply unavailable in their own homeland. Fortunately, caters internationally to patients from all over Central and South America, and the Caribbean Islands as well.

With locations throughout Miami, Florida. We can help facilitate and coordinate your visit to South Florida for all of your medical diagnostic needs.

Included is the arrangement of complimentary VIP transportation to and from the airport, as well as from your hotel. Call, fax, or e-mail us for pricing as to the type of study your doctor requests and schedule your appointment. We also have Spanish speaking staff-members and technologists.   ©   2011. All Rights Reserved     |      Ph. (305) 992-0929     Fax. (305) 230-7574     E-mail:
  Developed by is a network of diagnostic imaging centers, each center is responsible for all testing and billing, We provide a marketing tool for all participant providers.
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