magnetic resonance imaging questions
mri common questions

What is MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a state-of-the-art technology that allows physicians to see detailed images of the body. MRI is safe, non-invasive, and uses no radiation. In many cases, MRI can reduce medical expenses by alleviating the necessity of numerous other studies.

How does MRI work?

- Water and hydrogen atoms make up 95% of the human body. When the body is placed into a magnetic field the hydrogen atoms align.
- A radio frequency is turned on and absorbed by the hydrogen atoms and when the radio frequency is turned off the atoms emit a signal.
- A coil picks up the signal and transmits it to the computer.
- The computer then processes the information to form diagnostic images of the area of interest.

Are there any risks to MRI?

There are no known harmful effects. Patients who have pacemakers, cochlear implants and neurostimulators cannot have an MRI. You will be asked screening questions before your exam to make sure it is safe for you to have an MRI. Our technologists will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How should I prepare for the exam?

There is usually no preparation necessary. You will be able to eat, drink and take medications prior to most MRI exams. We will provide special instructions when necessary. You will be asked several questions regarding your past medical history when setting up your appointment. We will ask for your insurance information and assist in any pre-authorization which may be required by your insurance company.

Can I have a friend or family member in the room with me during the exam?

Yes, after they have been screened for safety purposes.

Who performs the MRI exam?

Skilled and trained technologists perform your MRI exam. Technologists at the centers managed by MRI Consulting, Inc. are certified in MR imaging by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).  This designation means they have passed advanced testing in MRI.

Who interprets my scan?

Our board-certified radiologists, who have extensive experience interpreting diagnostic images. We have radiologists who specialize in neuroradiology and musculoskeletal imaging.

How soon will my doctor have the results?

Our policy is to have a report to your physician within the next business day.  However, it is not unusual for us to have the report for your physician the same day.

What happens during an MRI?

You will be asked to lie on the scan table and the technologist will make you as comfortable as possible. A coil is placed around the area we will be scanning. When the scanner is acquiring images you will hear various knocking sounds. The technologist will ask you to remain as still as possible while the scanner is acquiring the images. Throughout the test, you will be able to speak to the technologist and listen to the music of your choice.

How long does the MRI exam last?

Exam times vary depending on the type of scan being done, but generally run under one hour.

Is contrast used for an MRI?

Some studies require a contrast agent called Gadolinium to be used to enhance the images. Your
referring physician or the radiologist will determine if contrast is needed.

What is an MRA?

Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) is a method of scanning used to look at blood vessels and blood flow in a specific part of the body. MRA of the neck can screen for stenosis of the carotid arteries. MRA of the brain can screen for vascular malformation, aneurysm and vasculitis.   ©   2011. All Rights Reserved     |      Ph. (305) 992-0929     Fax. (305) 230-7574     E-mail:
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